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Company of Heroes

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Company of Heroes

Post by .:gE:. Seanerator on Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:55 am

This is a very good game, it looks really great and the gameplay is great fun. One downside is the fact that when I first bought my disk it was patch 1 (the lowest), so far I've had to do about 20 patches all the way up to 3.6 lol.

But anyway, there are 2 main factions, the Germans and the Allies (the Americans, and this is exluding its expansions). There is one campaign which I know of which is for the Allies, it is based around D-Day and the days afterwards. The controls are easy (although I keep selecting my barracks (with F2) while in combat tryin to talk on teamspeak xP). The game is very realistic, a tank can kill infantry in one shot but many factors play against the tank and many factors against the infantry, unlike most strategy games where terrain does not play a part in game play. This does. If there are bumps in the ground and a tank attempts to shoot infantry it has a chance to hit the bump instead of its target, also shells can go off course etc etc. You can kill infantry in buildings without totally blowing the building apart with anything, a tank, infantry, a sniper etc. This may make the infantry sound of no use but they are very important. First of all they are the only units able to capture territory (unless you are the tank role for Allies light vehicles can too) and they can excel at blowing up tanks provided they get upgrades. Infantry can also build barbed wire to stop infantry, tank traps to stop tanks and sandbags to hide behind. The Allies are mostly built around numbers and speed, where as the Germans are power and strength. For each faction there are 3 different roles to play as. For the Allies it is Infantry, Air Support & Armor. Infantry focuses on defence, building on map artillery pieces which absolutely obliterate and calling off map artillery which does the same (one of these artillery shells in the middle of around 3 squadrons tightly bunched together kills most of them). Air support calls in air strikes and drops in paratroopers and supplies. Armor focuses on vehicles, it has upgrades which calls in a Sherman Calliope (a normal Sherman tank with a massive rack of missiles on top), a M29 (I think it is) Pershing which is a heavy tank and the ability to have light vehicles capture control points.

The German roles are basically the same, however they have Defensive Doctrine, Blitzkrieg Doctrine and the Terror Doctrine. The Defensive Doctrine is almost exactly the same with the artillery and such except it can fortify buildings to give them anti infantry capabilities and strengthen infantry defending in your territory. Blitzkrieg Doctrine focuses on speed and offensive operations, it can speed up your military and economy, and deploy stormtroopers (Star Wars stormtroopers were based off these), and the famous Tiger I tank. The Terror Doctrine focuses on psychological warfare and absolute destructive power. It gives the ability to train diehard infantry and rout the enemy, with either propaganda, the dreaded V1 rockets or an even more powerful Tiger Ace, also known as the Tiger II it is renamed to the King Tiger after patches.

You build bases like most strategy games and you start off with a HQ, you do not build resource structures and instead capture strategic points. For the Allies there are approx 6 buildings to build and the Germans 8, to destroy an opponent in one of the gamemodes, (annihilation) you must destroy the HQ and all enemy buildings. If you destroy the HQ, it turns into a ruin and if there are still enemy buildings the enemy can use their remaining engineers (pioneers for the Germans) to repair their HQ, but they require to have engineers to be alive before HQ is destroyed.

Overall, in my opinion it is a great game and I give it 8 and a half / 10


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